Beautiful Love Poems

Several beautiful love poems to cool off when the sun burns us with our partner and the skin asks us moisture to put out the burning fire of love.

Beautiful love poems

Beautiful love poems for all

Poems of love that speak of delicate desires within us all to find a coincidence with our fellow men. In many ways our own essence pushes us to find a partner – it is an emotional, beautiful, sometimes painful process whose outcome is the story of many of us who turn into a beautiful love poetry.

When two people care about each other and support each other, they do small acts of random goodness and play with affection. Be careful that in the end it becomes a love of attraction!

Insatiable desire of you beautiful woman, with a beautiful body and so much love captivated by pleasure.

In these beautiful poems we bring you a beautiful love story.

Poem: A summer afternoon

It was a summer afternoon, with a scorching sun,
He needed relief and needed it soon,
I took the water hose and turned it into a fountain
Directing the water towards the sky,
It fell like drops of dew on his body
Soaking her face and not just her lips,
It felt good with so sudden dampness,
She smiled wet and took my breath away
To see it as the clothes that fit in their curves
On the wet grass and referescante.

Happy for a moment and asking to stop the time,
Without realizing my eyes glittered fleetingly,
Until in my ear I heard a purr
While she turned face down looking up from her eyes,
The temperature increased more when he began to sigh
While my hands caressed his body and my lips kissed him,
Her body still soaked, I took her in my arms
Before the sun dried it again
And under the stream of water we quenched the fire of passion.

Posted by Joan

More beautiful love poems

And to the delight of many of our readers a beautiful poem dedicated to the definition of love that we know that more than falling in love is to make them smile.

Beautiful love poems for

If you like the poems of Spanish poets, this is one of the best – Miguel Hernández.

The title of the poem is love in poetry, it is a beautiful reflection on love, a word so easy to write but so difficult to define.

Love in poetry

Love is difficult to define,
Has a sense of distance
That sometimes does not let you live
Because it is in the first instance.

You think you already know everything,
But it is difficult to explain,
Even if you think it your way
Your life is sure to change.

It has a great beauty,
But everyone who loves
Must have a lot of dexterity
To keep the mind calm.

Love has no borders,
Is more than a friendship,
Although sometimes you do not know
That someone really loves you.

Posted by Joan

For now and with much appreciation to the friends and readers of Love Poetry and hoping you have liked these humble verses we leave until a new publication. Share friends, it’s easy and they help us spread literature.

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