I want to say I’m sorry

I never would have imagined that a love would leave a great void and I never told him I want to say I’m sorry, until it was late. It faded as my mother hinted when I told her that my boyfriend left because she fell madly in love with another woman.

I want to say I'm sorry

My love, I want to say I’m sorry

A bitter moment that many of our readers will remember someday in their life when faced with the march of that love that left a deep imprint in their heart.

Title of the poetry: I want to say I’m sorry

I would like to tell you that I am sorry,
But the best thing is to be silent.
I would like to continue to love you,
But I can not.
I want you to love me,
But you are cold and material.

I want you understand me
But you never tried.
I would like to stop the time,
But it would serve no purpose.
Wish you had not gone
But you will never change.

I wish I could forget you
But I can never do it.
I wish I had not met you,
But fate so desired.
I would want to be happy,
But you stole my happiness.

I would not cry,
But I love you so much ….

Author: Joan

It always happens the same, we put to look behind the window to remember those happy moments that we have lived with our love, the one that is no longer, flew like bird that leaves the nest to seek adventures and never returns again.

Love Poetry also says …. I mean I’m sorry and I should not cry for the departure of love, it’s never nice when love is gone.

Before ending this poem, I leave a link so that instead of abandoning love, tell him; I miss you my love, a beautiful love poem to fall in love with.

To love is happiness

Not that I want to teach love lessons, but if I must say that before taking a big step as is falling in love, we should think well. Ahhh, they’re right, love comes unannounced, settles in the heart and will not let us breathe !.

Well friends, if you fall in love, try to be true, never do it on a whim, do it for love, as in Love poetry, all our content is made with much love towards all of you readers.

Share the beautiful poems of love and especially the last one that takes by title, I would like to say sorry. At the same time, comment and be happy that so far is free. By the way, if you have come here, you have to know that the boyfriend left when falling in love with another woman older but with money and that is not love, it is hypocrisy and materialism.

Source: Poems of Love in Spanish

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