Marriage Proposal Poems

Marriage proposal poems and when sentimental relationships become more serious, it is time to take the next step, marriage. For this event, it takes a lot of subtlety on the part of the men to ask a couple to marry. Likewise, the determination is necessary, since bringing the altar to your half-orange is a very important commitment, so make sure that all goes well. So that you can express your request with more development, use these poems that we have prepared and that we want to help you in the event. Why not borrow some of these poems that have been created specifically for any commitment.

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Flying together to the moon,
In an airplane of illusion,
We set sail together in this adventure,
Where our compass is love.

Storms will be on the way,
But together we will continue,
Knowing us was our destiny,
Staying has been brilliant.

We build step by step our future,
Let us forget the past that has been very hard,
Let’s walk together to learn,
Let us go hand in hand not to lose.

I want to embark on this journey at your side,
I accept to always be your beloved,
Would you like to marry me?
The whole trip together I already planned it.

The Long Haul

I love the way you hold my hands- so nice and soft and slow.

Your roughened thumbs caress my skin still smooth, and youthful too.

But beauty fades, and passion dims;

Time weathers every hand.

These sweet, soft hands,

so tender now one day shall wrinkled be.

So will you,

many years from now still take my hands in yours?

Will you, in years to come,

allow my hands to creep to yours?

I know you will, those years from now- my hands shall steal to yours.

For love is blind and always fair- it nourishes,

and grows.

So stay with me,

and hold my hands until they’re tanned and truly creased.

Stay with me,

and tell me true:

Love, will you marry me?

Not exactly perfect? This marriage proposal poem sums up your perfect imperfections!
I Know A Man

Well I know a man who’s brave and bold and strong as strong can be. He’s handsome, with a head of gold, but sadly, he’s not me.

I know a man who’s smart and wise and clever as can be. He’s quick and witty, with dancing eyes- but sadly, he’s not me.

I know a man who’s not so strong nor perfect as can be, but he loves a girl with all his heart- well shucks- that sounds like me.

So though I’m not a perfect man I’m here, on bended knee. This question now my heart demands: Will you marry me?

Want marriage proposal poems that are a tad more traditional? This poem will inspire her to walk down that aisle with you!

From Her Coy Suitor

Had we but world enough, and time, my coyness, lady, were no crime; I would sit down and think which way was best, both in act and to say.

Ten thousand years would pass us by ’til any words would dare say I, and ten more on top before I dared to kneel to you, my soul bared.

But lady, hear the minutes pass; the clocks of Fate may tick their last. My love must needs be plainly shown as now it buds out, fully grown (And if I tarried any longer your patience might find others stronger).

So, my love, here I kneel and ask of you with fervent zeal: Would you join in the best day of my life- the day you choose to be my wedded wife?

When I Was Young

I’ve always known that marriage was for me. When I was young, I’d dream the day away; I would imagine earnestly my wedding day.

But what a fuzzy picture- the guests I could not see nor make out any details of my bride to be.

Only my face was clear, and never could I say rightly who it was that stole my heart away- the dream remained that self-same shade of murky.

But then, by chance, one day I met you, and since then my dreams have taken shape.

My bride’s filled in- her eyes of blue, her hair of black that frames her smiling face. I know now who my dream bride is- it’s you.

so as I fall beside you on one bended knee, please- make real now that bride that’s in my dreams!

Use witty marriage proposal poems to break the ice! This funny marriage proposal poem will have her laughing AND saying yes at the same time!

Roses Are Red

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m uncreative- sad, but it’s true.

I’m not a boy given to poetry’s wiles and you’re not a girl who likes it either.

I’ve never been able to master a verse and you’ve always preferred me to be rather terse.

The moment I seem to be on to a roll I write something that’s not appealing at all.

So though we can’t string two rhymes together I love you, and I want to love you forever.

So will you marry me?

Ne’er Do Well

Well I love ye, lass, that much is true; and never would I lie to you. I’ve been around the town, for sure and tippled off a time or two. I’ve stolen kisses now and then (though always fairly given, them) and fled the scene right after.

But hear me, lass, and hear me true; though in the past I’ve had some brews with all those stolen kisses I’ve accrued- I’ll give it all for you. I’ll forswear drink forevermore and walk right by that old pub door. I’ll never give those girls a look- and if I could, return the ones I took.

I love you, more than words can say and so I won’t, instead I’ll ask and pray: Lass, won’t you take this poor, repentant guy and be his blushing, gorgeous bride?

If marriage never really crossed your mind, marriage proposal poems like this one might just express your feelings the best! 

Not For Me

I’ve never wanted anyone to lay down next to me; I’ve laughed and pitied all my friends who marry merrily.

I’ve never loved a man nor wanted love returned. I’ve lived my life alone and glad never to be scorned.

But lately, something’s changed. That empty home, so comforting has lately changed its feel- the silence is disquieting.

And when I lie in bed at night I find- I find I lie awake. The silken sheets, so smooth against my skin cannot smooth my inner ache.

It’s true, I can’t deny it- this girl here, whose heart she locked away, has lost it to a man piece by piece and day by day.

So I give up- the towel’s been thrown, and here I am to ask you: Will you be mine and mine alone husband and wife, in love and truth?

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